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TC Helicon Play Acoustic

TC Helicon Play Acoustic
329,00 EUR
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Peavey Milestone 4, Vintage Burst *DEAL!*

Peavey Milestone 4, Vintage Burst *DEAL!*
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Peavey Milestone 4, Vintage Burst *DEAL!*

This cutting-edge instrument is the result of Peavey's continual dedication to the working musician. The Milestone® bass is a rare combination of stunning craftsmanship and intelligent design with a reasonable price range. The body design is both classic and elegant. The perfectly balanced body provides an intuitive feel, as if the bass is an extension of the player's body. Try one today and get ready to be amazed! The exclusive Peavey Powerplate is a new innovation for stringed instruments. The Powerplate is a metal plate that is embedded into the back of the headstock which increases sustain and volume.The Powerplate is mounted using the machine heads and increases the amount of string vibration energy that is projected by the instrument!


34 inch scale, Longscale
Dual-expanding truss rod
20 frets
12 inch radius
19:1 ratio tuning machines
One straight and one split single coil pickup
Stamped steel bridge
Chrome hardware
Two volume, master tone controls
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Balanced, comfortable body styling with sculpted front and back, improved access neck joint
Weight Unpacked: 8.50 lb(3.855 kg)
Showroom Model, Signs of Usage at the Back of the Body



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